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Ginger lime cleanser

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For Dry Itchy Scalp 

Keep Refrigerated 

Shack well before use. 

HOW TO USE: Scratch out hair roots when done, add the cleaner to each part scratched out. let it set in hair for 10-15 mins.

(Product color may slightly vary due to weather on natural ingredients)

 Break up natural oils and product scalp buildup, 2-IN-1 solution between wash days Or a detoxifying pre-shampoo.

Ginger Lime Cleanser is the key ingredient in this powerful formula, designed to eliminate dandruff and dry scalp issues while stimulating hair roots to encourage growth. With its invigorating ginger scent, this cleanser will leave your hair feeling refreshed and healthy.

Whether you're dealing with stubborn buildup or looking for a preventative measure to keep your scalp healthy, Ginger, lime cleanser is an ideal choice. Its gentle yet effective formula will leave goodbye to frustrating scalp issues.


Size: 6oz